Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

Client: Figment Productions for Merlin Entertainments Group. A mind twisting VR horror experience conceived by Derren Brown for Thorpe Park’s newest attraction. During the course of this year-long production we recorded all dialogue onset during an extensive shoot schedule. After production was complete we undertook research into sound for VR and delivered the complete post-production audio Read more about Derren Brown’s Ghost Train[…]


Client: Binary Monks. Sound Design for this hugely addictive retro arcade blaster game. Released to mobile on iOS and Android. Over 30 separate effects were created for this game, taking huge impact sounds and giving them a retro 8 bit twist.


Client: Figment Productions for Merlin Entertainments Group. A first of a kind Virtual Reality (VR) experience for Alton Towers. This experience utilised burgeoning VR technology to a create a space adventure for this new rollercoaster. Over a period of eight months we undertook several shoots, capturing dialogue before working closely with the development and animation Read more about Galactica[…]

Talking Aquarium

Client: Figment Productions for Merlin Entertainments Group. An series of interactive experiences created for SeaLife Centre Orlando. A large amount of dialogue recordings were edited and mixed to form the core of each scene. On completion of the animation phase sound design and final dubbing mixes were completed to picture. Final delivery consisted of several touch Read more about Talking Aquarium[…]

Jurassic Seas

Client: Figment Productions for Merlin Entertainments Group. An interactive experience created for SeaLife Centre Brighton. This display was developed to use a gesture controller to learn about prehistoric underwater creatures in an immersive environment. Sound design and final mix for a Unity based interactive game engine was delivered by Hammer & Spark.

Threepenny Dosshouse

A series of three comedy shorts written and produced by Jasmine Jones and Benedict Hopper, currently seeking funding for a full series. Dialogue edit and mix, sound design and Foley all delivered by the team at Hammer & Spark.

Sound Design Showreel 2015

Sound Design Showreel 2015. Using a combination of custom recording, synthesis and library effects this showreel was created to show sound design for animated content.

Warwick Castle ‘Time Tower’ Attraction

  Client: Figment Productions for Merlin Entertainments Group. VFX Demo from the Time Tower project for Warwick Castle. The complete soundtrack bar music was recorded and mixed by Hammer & Spark over the course of four months. 

Borders and Boundaries

Client: Private Project. A self-produced short film detailing a cycling trip across Burma capturing the essence of the country and inviting the viewer to ask what drives them. Dialogue edit and mix as well as final dubbing mix delivered by Hammer & Spark.